Thursday, February 26, 2009

Encountering Not So Good Nor So Bad People

No one really can be called, as good person, but good and bad will anyhow, be considered, because these characteristic always, go together in the person’s personality. There is no perfect but it is not, anyhow an excuse, in order to hurt other people.

In my life, I’ve been meeting different kinds, of personality some are nice, but not really good, but most of them are users and always taking advantage on me. However, am not good too, because every time, those kinds of people will back fight on me, I also reacted, not in violently way, simply by just, responding the vile, they spotted on me, back to them. They had done it, so they deserve it too.

The Bible said, “Vengeance is not ours, but its God,” yeah that is very right, however there are also situation that somehow, urge you to do the things, which not really yours, especially, when the people who are throwing you stone, are those, whom you think your friends. But they are worst people, who are snake and just pretending, to be human. How sad. That’s really sad, in trusting people like them. Full of jealousy that lead them, to think against you that, you never had done, yet they are saying you did? It is such a disastrous and disgusting people. Full of envy, in their heart, who are trying, to ruin relationship, of others on friendship, loves and names it.

Cheap little monkey, why they could not understand that, their life could not be mine and mine could not be theirs. They have an envious heart, look at them when they’re succeed, and they will treat you, as worm scrolling on the dust. Good luck to them anyways.

Encountering not so good nor bad people that would be alright, anyhow since you can learn from them, but please just focus on your own lives, do not care others lives, especially mine. Just go, go, go wherever you want to be. That’s your life and this mine. Can’t you see that we’re not related? Anyhow, its your life anyway, I just feel pity about you, of having a small mind. One friend of mine gives me, this line:

Small mind talks other people
Average mind talks something
But with great mind talk knowledge and ideas

Search yourself where you belong on these. But what you did I can judge, you are small mind. Think and improve, stand your background, don’t step down, when it is not necessary, think great things and goodness for others.