Monday, October 19, 2009

How To Choose Your Caregiver

Our loved ones are the most important people in our lives. Our children, elders like parents, grandparents and anyone of the family members who need special cares deserve to be cared with love and compassion. This is the reason why you have to wisely choose your caregiver at home.   

Because of the fast changing life style in our world today, everyone needs to work in order to sustain the needs of their family, and surpass the demands of life. Children have to be left behind the house alone, while parents have to work whole day. Old parents have to be placed in a home for the aged against their will, or maybe they have just stayed behind their home door, and live hungry. Anyone can't be with them while at the same time work. But can’t you feel pity for them? Or the best question is that do you love them? If your answer is yes, then get a good caregiver for them.

Most of the families in all developed country are busy. However, they are hiring someone to be with their kids or elders at home. Some countries like USA, Canada and any other improved states are already hiring caregivers or trusted nanny to care their loved ones. They get caregivers from India, Singapore and even in the Philippines. No wonder the demand of this profession motivates businessmen to facilitate training school that train the aspiring caregivers. Moreover, it is not enough that your prospective caregivers are well-trained, but also they must have qualities of a real caregiver.

There are already many families who already hiring caregivers for their loved ones, but many also had been reported to be abused by the caretakers. Kids are locked up. Old parents were uncared and hungry because of their cruel as well as uncompassionate nanny. There were employers’ loved ones being knocked on their heads, and any other forms of abuses are being done. This is the fact that anyone must considered about hiring caregiver. But what are the bases on choosing your caregiver?

There are many ways that you can detect your caregiver’s behavior. First is by conducting one on one interview. During the interview, you can ask anything that comes out your mind. You don’t need to be professional interviewer, but ask casual questions to bring out your prospective caregiver’s best personality. You have to observe her or his physical response on your question. Look directly through her or his eyes. But do not scare your caregiver. You can also judge them through the choices of their words that correspond to your questions.

Second, check your caregiver’s family background such as family history. If she or he has unpleasant family history, the possibility is she can acquire difficult personality. However, you cannot judge the caregiver that way too. You have to put yourself into the situation and wait to observe how he or she reacted on the situation. In such a way, you can get some clues either good or bad. Still, it is you to judge.

Third ways on knowing your caregiver is that you have to ask her educational background. In the same way, you can learn her or his interest in life that can be possibly adapted by your kids or influence to your elders.

Last but not the least; investigate your prospective caregiver’s behaviors towards the helpless people. Know if he or she is empathetic not just sympathetic one.  If he or she loves children and respect elders. In such away, you can get the idea if who are those good caregivers for your family.

These are the tips that you can apply in choosing your caregivers. Learn and be wise in choosing caregivers for your loved ones.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Can Drive My Car..Why Not

Everyone has a dream and this is one of my dreams, which is driving my own car. At first I was so in-loved with a Honda Civic with gray or white or mint green colors. But now, I have my new lover. What a beautiful car for me. This is very feminine, you think so? Take a look at this...very lovely. I can drive my car why not? Soon...

Very terrific. I wish I can have this someday. Its a lust of the flesh I know, but who won't be in-love with this? Surely you too would love this car. Flawless, neat and wow, a smoothly driving one.