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Some people said, "all your fears are the creation of your doubtful mind, little faith and insecurities." Fear is only in the mind. But why it is so disturbing, painful and even make you cry? Who can understand your fear? Who will eliminate the undesirable feeling?

I've been with so many broken hearts. These made me feel so insecure every time I sense a threat. It is so tiring and disturbing. I know, no one could understand me. Many times, I've been confident to many people whom I thought I could trust with. Once, my whole month salary was taken because I let someone to get it for me. But it turns out that it will just loss like how the person I treated friend is gone. Once, I broke a friendship because of my confidence to the people whom I thought I could confide with. I lost the trust of the only person whom I considered a sister because of one person, I overly trusted, then it turns out to be like a sleeping snake. What else should I loss before I could be happy?

Fear. Why I am so afraid again? One of my friend told me about her pain over her husband having an appear with other woman. She cried to me all the pain. And I told her to divert her mind to some other things that can make her forget. Divert your mind. Wow! it is easy to say but it is very hard to do. Why it is hard for me to apply it to myself now? Where is the tough being I have? It is really easy to say than done. But I need to be strong. There are still many things awaiting ahead of me. I should not be fear.

Lord, I know you put this fear in my heart for a reason. Maybe I could not understand it right now, but I only give my trust in you. My sweet Jesus, please help me. Please heal my broken heart, and give me confidence again to laugh, to trust and to smile. I am so afraid Lord. Please give me strenght to face any challenge of my life. I am so afraid. Maybe, I have a little faith. Please forgive me. Take all the wreckage of bad memories that tried to make me restless and blue. I am so tired and I don't want to cry anymore. I am in a dept of sorrow and in the ocean of loneliness. I feel so alone. But if these things can help me to grow and over come the fear, please make me strong. I can do nothing without you. It's hard to be alone Lord, where no one could hear my sorrow. But I know, you are just there to listen my moaning. Please comfort me with your mercy and love. I could not stand it alone. I need you Jesus.

I know, in this new chapter of my life. There are more things that I could expect with; maybe of joy, or sadness, and or real smile which no fear hiding behind every giggle. Whatever, please prepare me so that I can endure it, until the very day that no more tears to flow because You wipe it. I also know that this fear inside me is a destroying thought. I should not cherish it, but I rather fight it.

In this world, I didn't find any person that I could share my fear and pain. For if I do sharing it, some would be hurt. And these very hard for me. However, having you God in my life is the most precious truth that made me smile in the midst of doubts and tears. You are my oasis of peace, love and confidence. I trust in you. I give my life to you. Whatever your purpose in my life, here I am Lord. I love you so much, and please help me to obey and trust to only you. Amen

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Tips To Have A Less Expenses Wedding

Every woman dreams for a wedding ceremony, with a man she wishes to be with the rest of her life. I too have thinking the same fantasy, which made me think a wedding concept that I dream to happen someday soon.

However, because wedding ceremony is means a great expenses, many had been decided to just have a common law marriage, or some called it live-in partner arrangement. This is a huge disillusion of every girl, yet the only choice to take for partners that only have a less budget. Anyhow, let me share with you some tips that could give you notion how to have a less expenses wedding event.  

I had attended wedding event many times in my life. I was one of the bridesmaids or a maid of honor to the bride. Those days, I don’t realize how expensive to have such occasion. You need to pay the bride’s dress, bridesmaids’ attire, foods and the reception area. There are also expenses for invitation cards, gifts for the brides and many things. All were never came into my mind, how the groom likely been robbed for a day. But because of his love for the bride, he never mined it at all. However, in the bottom line the newly wed is also the one who will settle money problem during their life together. Such matter sometimes causes them to have financial problem that sometimes can lead to fighting and blaming. This surely unfavorable or the saddest situation to expect if both are not patient enough, and would not help each other to share their money burden, due to their extravagant wedding.

Anyhow, financial crisis for wedding is no more a problem anymore. You can still enjoy your moment with the same amount of extravagance and delicious foods with less expense. Many businesses that into wedding needs had opened and understand your situation. For instance, the catering services, wedding photograph businesses and gifts and wedding accessories stores offer affordable packages for you.

For wedding receptions and foods, there are catering businesses that offer wedding reception packages, which include the decoration, delicious menu of your choice, wedding cakes, wedding memorable items and others. Before picking your catering provider, you need to shop all over in your area; to get the most affordable yet with sky is the limit satisfaction. You can also find many catering services through online for easy and energy saving search of catering. Some hotels are also offering the same provision. You can inquire them too.

If you worried also about your entourage needs, many boutiques are offering bridal dress for rent including the bridesmaid outfit. There are also serving a sewing package that can be a less budget for you. These include the making of your bridesmaid dresses and even your hair dress.

You can likewise get a wedding photography service with affordable price without cuttings and rush picture taken. Many photo shops have wedding coverage packages that you can avail. You just need to find the best one that you can trust. Prior to sign a contract with them, check each item and make comparison, to be sure that you certainly have a right choice.

Never miss to include in your search of wedding accessories such as wedding jewelries, gift items for your bridesmaids or groomsmen and gifts for visitors. This is among the important and fabulous supplies that can excite the event. You can get them to be most affordable from a store, which offer good amount if you buy several numbers of the items. For easy and accessible searching, use the search engine of Google site, yahoo and others using the right keyword. These will provide you several wedding accessories stores, with online marketing service.

Even without reducing the excitement of your dream wedding, you can still save money if you are wise enough to plan your marriage. All you can do is to search your wedding needs and find the most affordable options. Internet is one of your helps to search the most favorable and lenient wedding needs provider.

These are only a few tips that I could share with you about how to have a fabulous, exciting and satisfying wedding event in your life, but with less expenses.


If you look or search on the graph of marriage, you will find out that the percentage of broken relationship is great. Few only had been successfully cultivated their relationship. And why this thing happens?

In special relationship like girlfriend-boyfriend or in a marriage life, there have six sides of love involved. And what are these? To mention, there are the social side, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and commitment side. Each side must be handled equally in order to have a colorful relationship. The balance of for you relationship and for me relationship are the main keys to have a successful love and family.

When someone said, “Wow! What a feeling? Certainly, I have butterfly in the stomach when I see him or her.” Such remark shows emotion. Actually, emotion is the expression of what you feel for someone, but if when it is too much, it can also cloud the mind of the person, to realize that his or her partner is not a good choice.

The Physical Side
When you have a feeling of love, your physical side is also reacted. It is where you somewhat to choose between the good and the evil. In Christian life, it is the most difficult option between doing God’s will, which is against pre-marital sex and your own will. This aspect definitely can affect the other sides when emotion is express through too much physical involvement such as sex. Anyhow, being together most often like having a walk from school, lunch date and others, except sex can also be considered as a physical side activities. Likewise, the social side is added to make the relationship happy and harmony. The social involvement between lovers can still be healthy including your physical even without sex; just holding hands and walking side by side.

In relationship, communications between the partners are also important. This will help them grow and understand each other. Relationship must have intellectual communication and spiritual communication. Intellectual conversation is about talking on feelings, of fears, hopes and dreams they both shared. Spiritual communication is about sharing each philosophical idea about God. Both are very crucial for any relationship, where the more they both lecturing to each other’s feeling, as well as knowing together about Christ, these things can make them closer to each other.

And the last side of love is about commitment. This is on loyalty, sincerity, caring and love. These not only on what she or he sweetly says, yet it is about how a person did to what he or she said. Commitment can only be a guess; however, it is sure for the partners to be committed to each other, when both have security and love, especially if they let Christ middle on them.

Six sides of relationship obviously were not observed by many. Otherwise, great numbers of broken family, grieving children and broken hopes would not be increasing. How sad it can be thinking, but adults are too careless to realize each social responsibility to our community.

Moreover, if you want your relationship last, then ask God’s help the most important, and then apply the right six sides of love in your situation. It should not be too much from each other, but should be having an equal number if not percentage. Good luck and stay as happy as can be with God’s help. I hope I able to share my simple ways of advice on how to make your relationship last forever.

Want To Be Stress Free?

Another thing that can relax anyone’s tension in life is to have vacation. Either it is in a just a simple places or expensive vacation areas, as long as you can have peace; your vacation can be a fabulous one for you.

Vacation is one way or another process to heal physical, mental and emotional fatigue. It will let you see new things, new faces, new ideas and new places in where you can earn great experience in life.

Most people prepare to sped their holidays in beaches, some also away from the sea, yet in a most romantic atmosphere with mountains, valleys and vast field that filled with flowers and trees. You can hear sweet sounds of birds and gentle touch of fresh and cool wind. Such atmosphere can certainly help you relax.

If you likewise, choose you vacation at the sea, it would be a beautiful experience too. There are many famous beaches for vacation around the world such as in Florida, Europe and even to Asian countries like the Philippines. The sea is representing on peace of mind. That is why when you look at to the water, you will feel serenity. You can whisper your stress to the waves, and it can relieve all the pains in your heart and mind.

One of my friends told me that when you are weary and blue, you just need to write it along the waves, and then you can have peace. You will be relieved from all worries in life. You just need a piece of paper where all your concerns are written in there; cut it into pieces and spread to the waves. And it will go along to the ocean. Nothing is impossible if you believe it, the important is you love God’s creation.

The thing might be a myth, though nothing wrong when you believe it too. Anyhow, vacation at the sea is a proven one to be the most effective stress reduction.

Moreover, wherever you want to spend you holiday, the important thing is, you are relaxed and enjoy your vacation. You should choose a place for vacation that has peaceful and calming atmosphere.

There are many beautiful and attractive vacation areas that you can visit. However, you also need to find a place to stay during those days. You can find villa for rent around the place with complete amenities.

Villa for rent is saver because you can stay like you are in you home with affordable rental rate. Likewise, most villas for rent are already furnished with important facilities such as refrigerator, burner, television and other for your convenient.

To avoid hassles in finding a place to stay during your vacation, you need to book your stay in a villa. Many are also hoping to spend the holiday that is why in order to prevent villa traffic; your reservation should be done ahead of your scheduled vacation.

If you can stay in a most fabulous villa for rent, your relaxation would be memorable and unforgettable vacation you could have. So, for a perfect stress free reduction, set your holiday and homey place to stay.

Finding a place to stay during vacation? Discover fabulous villa for rent at We have rooms for your vacation. We have in Orlando, Florida. We also have in Margarita Island. Our best and hotel like villas are just affordable for your accommodation. Come and see us now.

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My First Police Encounter

Have you ever tried to be arrested? What was the caused? How you've reacted with the experience? Being nabbed by the authority is not easy, especially if you know that you are innocent. Read this article to learn my personal experience with the unknown robber, the victim, the police officers, my older sister and me.

Last December 26, 2009 it was Saturday, my sister ask me to go with her to buy DVD player and her other needs. First, we dropped by in some stores to choose the items. Yet, she didn't like anything from the first three stores we visited. However, by 1 o'clock in the afternoon, we already bought the DVD player, microphone and the blanket she likes. After that, we were visiting another store, which is selling blouses. And that was where the circumstances begun.

It was exactly 2'0clock pm, we enter the unknown store to buy a blouse of my sister. And because we already brought along the purchased items, we left them at the baggage counter. We were give a number, then we started choosing blouses. We pick one blouse to another, until we reached to a woman, whom aged 47 years old. The woman fitted the pants, blouses and anything she liked to try. Then, suddenly the woman looked at me and then to my sister. Later, she acted like a nervous dog which don't know what to say, and don't know what she look for too. Surprised to her reaction, I guess her mind by asking, "Are you looking for your bag?" And she said, "yes, where is my bag?" We helped her finding her bag, and alas! we've found it just hanging on the blouse stand. I whispered to my sister saying that, "It seems she is stupid. Can you imagine she simply hung her bag as if she's in the house?" And we laugh secretly at her.

We continue our shopping. We choose blouses for my sister, but after 20 minutes or more, the woman whom we helped to look for her bag approaches us, and search her wallet in us. We were shocked but not afraid. We asked her about what she was talking about? Why she is looking for her wallet with us? And she search our bags, and even told the store guard about what happened to her wallet. In short, we were held at the store, until the three police officers arrived. They investigated the case, and later invited us to the police station. I was so angry inside, but I have nothing to do except crying. You know a woman is? Sometimes, being a woman is irritable. We were not ashamed since we know that we are innocent. But we are very upset with that woman.

We ride the police car with a siren. And I told the office to stop it because people at the street were looking at us. And my request, however was granted.

During the investigation, I was so hysterical. I have no idea about it, honestly. I wonder why we were not asked, only the woman was allowed to speak, and it came to my self-realization that we are not the complainant. We were the suspects. And guess what, I even was scolded by the police chief because of my attitude, which I tried to control, yet it just come out. Maybe, because of my disappointment to the situation. Like, I answer even I was not the one being asked, especially when the woman lie. Such manner is not right. But can you blame me? I cried, such police was very harsh too, especially when he tried to link us to the prisoners? Wow! I was really freak.

My mind thought about embarasshment to the people who knew us, especially if our name will be written at the report book or being held at the Carbob Poline Station, Cebu City, with very smelly environment, perhaps toilet room, and to be with the people, who maybe innocent or not. I was also thinking about maybe, we will be released by Monday since that was Saturday. So, we will be sleeping at that station for two to three nights? Anyway, we are innocent, and thank's God we were released after 1 or 2 hours, and also after being searched. And you know what? The woman who accused us was crying. Maybe, she just as if crying so that we will not file a case agains her. We actually not do it. All we want is to go home. I had forgiven that woman for God. But my older sister is really angry to her. I just hope she can forgive her someday. I can't remember the woman's name, since I have no intention to remember her. Yet, I cannot forget her face. She's coming from San Fernando, Cebu City, Philippines. A teacher perse for fourth year high school level in that place.

Such event was really really bad. Before the end of 2009, we were teased by the time. My faith, my control, and my attitude towards the situation. That was a bad experience, and the lessons that I learned from such encounter were; never smile to the strangers. Do not answer when you are not ask. Have faith to God, and learn to forgive, despite of the damage might be done.

Guys when you also come to Cebu or anywhere, please do not just hung your bag at the store. Keep it in your shoulder.  If you loss something because of your mistake, do not accuse anyone, just because they smile at you, or they are too kind on you. The amount of 5,500.00 pesos or more or less not enough to fix anyone's morality, once you damage it.

For that woman from San Fernando, Cebu I have forgiven you. But I want to tell you either you are a victim or maybe that was your modus for Christmas. We are not a robber. I hope you learn also from your own great mistake in life.

Thanks for your reading. That was my first encounter with the police officers.

My Walk With Christ – My Testimony And Reflection

Have I sinned? Yes, I did a lot but am so thankful that God did not see sin on me. What He had seen in me is Christ, who is setting on the very corner of my heart. I am weak because I am human but with the assuring love of Christ in me, I able to stand from my fall. I could not say that I always won temptation; I rather say that Christ had won my fight and struggle in life.

There are many or even a fellow Christian had been judging me through all my failures in life like unsuccessful life project or unfulfilling dreams. They said, “Oh! You are lack of prayer, Oh! You are not faithful to God, and etcetera.” They never know that it hurts my feelings that it hurts my spirit. Anyhow, I only tell God that, “Lord, they don’t know what they’re saying, sorry.”

As human being, sometimes I have concluded that people are judging other through achievements in life. If all your prayers are answered they will say, “Really you are faithful, or oh! Surely God hears your prayer because you are faithful.” That’s good, not bad at all. However, with that manner, what if trials come to their lives? Are they going to say that God has forsaken them? I am so thankful that I know God different from their learning about Him. I ask God that I hope someday, these people will also say some encouraging words, and not a judgmental phrase.

Like a song that says, “He never said, you’ve only saw sunshine, He never said, they’ll be no rain. But He only promises a heart that full of singing.” Yes, there are many dreams that I have, which had not been fulfilled but I never think that am not faithful or God do not listen on my prayers. God says, “For I know the plans I have for you. “ declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11. That was my stronghold to God, His plan for me. My plan is not His plan; therefore I should be waiting because He said. Matthew 24:35 – Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. What a promise. Well, as human being you will cry on your failures. That’s alright. It hurts when you fail, you know. But what matters most is you attitude towards such failures. Learn to accept.

“I cried because I have no new shoes, until I saw a man who has no right foot.” Tears? Is it bad when you let your tears run on your cheeks? Definitely, no! Because even Christ cried. John 11:35 What would you do when you don’t get your wants? Are you going to complain or murmuring, or if not even come into blaming God? Why God, oh Why God?

Base on my personal experiences, feeling distress over your unsuccessful dreams in life is natural. If you have question like why that comes to your mind can be expected, it’s because you are normal. For me it is not bad. However, before you reach into blaming God try also to look around you. What life is trying to show you? What are they things in your surrounding, the people’s life, their sorrows, and compare yourself to them. Are they not suffering floods like what happened in Manila or even to the other side of the world? Have you seen people who are begging on the street, sleeping along the street, with no family, and no homes to shield them from rain or sunlight? Count your blessings, instead. You are not begging, you have comfortable sleep in your house, you are healthy, you have work and anything God provides your need. Most of all you have families; your family in flesh and family of God. How lucky I am. It‘s okay to cry when you feel like crying, but never ever blame God. God is too right to be mistaken, God is too good to be unkind, when you don’t understand, when you don’t see his plan, when you can’t trace His hand, Trust His heart. (Bible)

Walking with God is not always like in the bed of roses. And yet, the comforting truth about Jesus is that you have a singing heart. You have hopes and strength to fight a good fight in life. When my dreams are shattered, it made me cry. Yes, really but am so thankful to the Lord Jesus because He still make my mouth sings praises for Him. I feel sorry because I am human but I only trust His Heart, for I knew He is always faithful, despite of my unworthiness. If I ask why, I only tell myself, “Father knows best.” It is already proven through the testimonies of other Christians, Job, Mary Magdalene, through the thief on the right side of Christ, King David and many more saints.

All I can say is, “Jesus is still working on me." He always worries about me and He loves me.

I Timothy 6:12 - Fight the good fight of the faith.  Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called

How To Handle Fatigue

How could you say that you are healthy? Is it because you don't have cancer or that you are able to do your daily life acitivities? No, you can only tell yourself that you are free from any illnesses, when you are tireless through out your day. I mean, being not so tired at the end of the day. However, if you always feeling weak and tired even at the biggening of your day, it is mean that your physical body is trying to tell you that something is happening in you.

The most common physical problem to human being, which is often disregarded is fatigue syndrome. Fatigue can definitely make your body weak and easily get tired. A little movements, and mental activities, a person who have fatigue will soon get tired. It will make him feel lazy, boring and depress. And when you are fatigue, you always not in the mood to do the things you usually do. Even your hobbies like playing your favorite sport, reading and anything, you no longer have feeling to enjoy it. Fatigue will probably complicate your life.

There are health problems that contribute fatigue, such as hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. These could result to extremely difficult to concentrate on anything you do. Another is hypothyroidism. Thyroiditis is an inflamation of your thyroid gland in your neck, which according to a research result, it can cause you overfatigue.

If you also have a heart problem, anemia, infectious mononucleosis, folic acid defeciency, and infectious hepatitis, these can likewise make you feel weary and fatigue.

Moreover, you can detect fatigue syndrome when you are experiencing some signs and symptoms on dizziness, breathlessness, numbling around the lips, coldness in your extremeties, shaking, nausea, irrregular heartbeat and chest pain.

Sometimes, fatigue is also cause by a depression. This health problem may not need you to come to medical practitioner, but by sharing your problems that made you depress to your trusted friends or confidant, this will probably help you medicated from fatigue.

Most of all, strong faith to God and prayer in Him can give you enough rest that you are longing for. Just also change your attitude of living, observe the foods you eat, and your positiveness in life, despite of the odds.

This is how you can handle your fatigue, and likewise make your health uncompromised.

Stay healthy if you want to get rich because Health is Wealth.