Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tips To Have A Less Expenses Wedding

Every woman dreams for a wedding ceremony, with a man she wishes to be with the rest of her life. I too have thinking the same fantasy, which made me think a wedding concept that I dream to happen someday soon.

However, because wedding ceremony is means a great expenses, many had been decided to just have a common law marriage, or some called it live-in partner arrangement. This is a huge disillusion of every girl, yet the only choice to take for partners that only have a less budget. Anyhow, let me share with you some tips that could give you notion how to have a less expenses wedding event.  

I had attended wedding event many times in my life. I was one of the bridesmaids or a maid of honor to the bride. Those days, I don’t realize how expensive to have such occasion. You need to pay the bride’s dress, bridesmaids’ attire, foods and the reception area. There are also expenses for invitation cards, gifts for the brides and many things. All were never came into my mind, how the groom likely been robbed for a day. But because of his love for the bride, he never mined it at all. However, in the bottom line the newly wed is also the one who will settle money problem during their life together. Such matter sometimes causes them to have financial problem that sometimes can lead to fighting and blaming. This surely unfavorable or the saddest situation to expect if both are not patient enough, and would not help each other to share their money burden, due to their extravagant wedding.

Anyhow, financial crisis for wedding is no more a problem anymore. You can still enjoy your moment with the same amount of extravagance and delicious foods with less expense. Many businesses that into wedding needs had opened and understand your situation. For instance, the catering services, wedding photograph businesses and gifts and wedding accessories stores offer affordable packages for you.

For wedding receptions and foods, there are catering businesses that offer wedding reception packages, which include the decoration, delicious menu of your choice, wedding cakes, wedding memorable items and others. Before picking your catering provider, you need to shop all over in your area; to get the most affordable yet with sky is the limit satisfaction. You can also find many catering services through online for easy and energy saving search of catering. Some hotels are also offering the same provision. You can inquire them too.

If you worried also about your entourage needs, many boutiques are offering bridal dress for rent including the bridesmaid outfit. There are also serving a sewing package that can be a less budget for you. These include the making of your bridesmaid dresses and even your hair dress.

You can likewise get a wedding photography service with affordable price without cuttings and rush picture taken. Many photo shops have wedding coverage packages that you can avail. You just need to find the best one that you can trust. Prior to sign a contract with them, check each item and make comparison, to be sure that you certainly have a right choice.

Never miss to include in your search of wedding accessories such as wedding jewelries, gift items for your bridesmaids or groomsmen and gifts for visitors. This is among the important and fabulous supplies that can excite the event. You can get them to be most affordable from a store, which offer good amount if you buy several numbers of the items. For easy and accessible searching, use the search engine of Google site, yahoo and others using the right keyword. These will provide you several wedding accessories stores, with online marketing service.

Even without reducing the excitement of your dream wedding, you can still save money if you are wise enough to plan your marriage. All you can do is to search your wedding needs and find the most affordable options. Internet is one of your helps to search the most favorable and lenient wedding needs provider.

These are only a few tips that I could share with you about how to have a fabulous, exciting and satisfying wedding event in your life, but with less expenses.


If you look or search on the graph of marriage, you will find out that the percentage of broken relationship is great. Few only had been successfully cultivated their relationship. And why this thing happens?

In special relationship like girlfriend-boyfriend or in a marriage life, there have six sides of love involved. And what are these? To mention, there are the social side, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and commitment side. Each side must be handled equally in order to have a colorful relationship. The balance of for you relationship and for me relationship are the main keys to have a successful love and family.

When someone said, “Wow! What a feeling? Certainly, I have butterfly in the stomach when I see him or her.” Such remark shows emotion. Actually, emotion is the expression of what you feel for someone, but if when it is too much, it can also cloud the mind of the person, to realize that his or her partner is not a good choice.

The Physical Side
When you have a feeling of love, your physical side is also reacted. It is where you somewhat to choose between the good and the evil. In Christian life, it is the most difficult option between doing God’s will, which is against pre-marital sex and your own will. This aspect definitely can affect the other sides when emotion is express through too much physical involvement such as sex. Anyhow, being together most often like having a walk from school, lunch date and others, except sex can also be considered as a physical side activities. Likewise, the social side is added to make the relationship happy and harmony. The social involvement between lovers can still be healthy including your physical even without sex; just holding hands and walking side by side.

In relationship, communications between the partners are also important. This will help them grow and understand each other. Relationship must have intellectual communication and spiritual communication. Intellectual conversation is about talking on feelings, of fears, hopes and dreams they both shared. Spiritual communication is about sharing each philosophical idea about God. Both are very crucial for any relationship, where the more they both lecturing to each other’s feeling, as well as knowing together about Christ, these things can make them closer to each other.

And the last side of love is about commitment. This is on loyalty, sincerity, caring and love. These not only on what she or he sweetly says, yet it is about how a person did to what he or she said. Commitment can only be a guess; however, it is sure for the partners to be committed to each other, when both have security and love, especially if they let Christ middle on them.

Six sides of relationship obviously were not observed by many. Otherwise, great numbers of broken family, grieving children and broken hopes would not be increasing. How sad it can be thinking, but adults are too careless to realize each social responsibility to our community.

Moreover, if you want your relationship last, then ask God’s help the most important, and then apply the right six sides of love in your situation. It should not be too much from each other, but should be having an equal number if not percentage. Good luck and stay as happy as can be with God’s help. I hope I able to share my simple ways of advice on how to make your relationship last forever.

Want To Be Stress Free?

Another thing that can relax anyone’s tension in life is to have vacation. Either it is in a just a simple places or expensive vacation areas, as long as you can have peace; your vacation can be a fabulous one for you.

Vacation is one way or another process to heal physical, mental and emotional fatigue. It will let you see new things, new faces, new ideas and new places in where you can earn great experience in life.

Most people prepare to sped their holidays in beaches, some also away from the sea, yet in a most romantic atmosphere with mountains, valleys and vast field that filled with flowers and trees. You can hear sweet sounds of birds and gentle touch of fresh and cool wind. Such atmosphere can certainly help you relax.

If you likewise, choose you vacation at the sea, it would be a beautiful experience too. There are many famous beaches for vacation around the world such as in Florida, Europe and even to Asian countries like the Philippines. The sea is representing on peace of mind. That is why when you look at to the water, you will feel serenity. You can whisper your stress to the waves, and it can relieve all the pains in your heart and mind.

One of my friends told me that when you are weary and blue, you just need to write it along the waves, and then you can have peace. You will be relieved from all worries in life. You just need a piece of paper where all your concerns are written in there; cut it into pieces and spread to the waves. And it will go along to the ocean. Nothing is impossible if you believe it, the important is you love God’s creation.

The thing might be a myth, though nothing wrong when you believe it too. Anyhow, vacation at the sea is a proven one to be the most effective stress reduction.

Moreover, wherever you want to spend you holiday, the important thing is, you are relaxed and enjoy your vacation. You should choose a place for vacation that has peaceful and calming atmosphere.

There are many beautiful and attractive vacation areas that you can visit. However, you also need to find a place to stay during those days. You can find villa for rent around the place with complete amenities.

Villa for rent is saver because you can stay like you are in you home with affordable rental rate. Likewise, most villas for rent are already furnished with important facilities such as refrigerator, burner, television and other for your convenient.

To avoid hassles in finding a place to stay during your vacation, you need to book your stay in a villa. Many are also hoping to spend the holiday that is why in order to prevent villa traffic; your reservation should be done ahead of your scheduled vacation.

If you can stay in a most fabulous villa for rent, your relaxation would be memorable and unforgettable vacation you could have. So, for a perfect stress free reduction, set your holiday and homey place to stay.

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